Sports Activity

Healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Here members of Erlangen-Herzo Tamil Sangam believe and practice the first lines that was said earlier in this sentence. The members of Tamil Sangam encourage their kids to participate in a six-week running program called “Ideal kids summer run”. The objective of the run is to encourage kids to practice running from an early age. We have had ideal kids run for the past continuous 4 years and kids aged between 3 to 15 have been participating in the run. Kids who complete the six-week program every year are rewarded with medals and trophies and are encouraged to continue take running as a sport. Kindly reach out to erhtamilsangam contact form  if you want to get your kids enrolled in ideal kids summer run.

In winters, the volunteer team also conducts home workouts for kids every weekend to enable the kids live a healthy and active lifestyle

Adult fitness initiatives: Many members of the ERH Tamil sangam are active participants of the other fitness & sport initiatives that are conducted through the year. Members of the Tamil sangam are very active in Pasanga Farhad Klub(Bicycle club).The Klub members  achieved two 100+ km ride across Franconian region in 2020 and have started 2021 season with already six rides behind them.

The klub members also took initiative to conduct women cycling rides in 2020 summer. We have had more than 15 + women participate in 30km ride. Some children also rode with their moms to provide moral support and continuous enthusiasm.

Moving from women’s cycling to running again. One of the highlights of last year fitness events is an Independence Day Women 10km run. It was a hot day but the turnout was great with more than 15 women participating in the run along the Main-Donau canal. Two water stations, support runners and kids cheering along the way were some of the highlights. All participants completed the run and children presented them with medals for successfully completing the run.

Watch for this space for more updates and calendars on fitness events across the year. Healthy body leads to a healthy mind

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